About MP3WMA playback This образовательная программа 1 4 класс школа россии cannot play DVD-RRW and DVDR RW This unit can play back CD-RCD-RW, DVD-R RW discs previously recorded in video CD format. and DVDRRW discs on which MP3WMA music data have been recorded. However, MP3WMA акула андроид 4 2 recorded on DVD-R RW and DVDRRW discs can be.

Played. For a detailed information, see the section entitled Listening to MP3WMA. Discs that cannot be played back Note on regio Summary.

Of the content on the page No. 19 English Owners Manual 8. DVD VIDEO PLAYER OPERATIONS Input the old password,and touch the [OK] key,or Change.

DVD System Settings input "4356" to reset password. Note: If the set up operation is performed in. The middle of DVD video play, the disc will restart from the beginning.

Selecting DVD Set Up Menu 1. Press the [Setting] button on the Main Menu to access the Video. Set up menu. Press [Video] button. The video menu is displayed. Input a new password,and touch the [OK] key. Input the s Summary of the content on the page No. 20 Owners Manual English 2. Disc starts playing automatically.

10- Bluetooth status 11- DVD playback info 12- Previous page Button. 13- Repeat switching Button 14- Audio Channel switching Button 15- Subtitle switching Button Ejecting a disc 16- INFO Button 1. To eject a disc press eject [ ] button.

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