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To simplify your development, the Saved Games API provides a default. Saved Games selection user interface (UI) that you can use out-of-the-box. The Можно ли в договоре указывать два расчетных счета Games selection UI allows players to create a new saved game.

View details about existing saved games, and load previous saved games. To bring up the default Saved Games UI: Call getSelectSnapshotIntent(). Как сделать шапку из бумаги пошаговая инструкция видео get an Intent for launching the default Saved Games selection UI.

In the method call, you can set boolean values in the. AllowAddButton and allowDelete parameters to indicate if your game wants the UI to provide buttons to create a new saved game or delete existing saved games. Call startActivityForResult() and pass in that Intent. If the call is successful, the game displays the Saved Game selection. UI, along with the options you specified. The following snippet shows how to bring up the default.

Saved Games selection UI: If the player selects to create a new saved game or load an existing saved game, the UI sends a request to Google Play games services. If the request is successful, Google Play games services. Returns a Snapshot object representing the saved game to your game through the onActivityResult() callback.

Your game can override this callback to check if any errors occurred. During request. The following code snippet shows a sample implementation of onActivityResult() :. Writing Saved Games To store content to a saved game, your game must obtain a reference to a Snapshot object then call open() to get access to modify its contents.

You can store a player's data in byte format by calling writeBytes(). Once all your modifications are made to the saved game's. Content or metadata, call commitAndClose() to send your changes to Google's servers. In the method call, your game can associate additional. Information to tell Google Play games services how to present this saved game to players. This information is represented in a SnapshotMetaDataChange object, which.

Your game creates using SnapshotMetadataChange. Builder. The following snippet shows how your game might commit changes to a. Saved game: If the player's device is not connected to a network when your app calls commitAndClose(). Google Play games services stores the saved game data locally on the. Device. Upon device re-connection, Google Play games services syncs the locally cached saved game. Changes to Google's servers. Loading Saved Games To retrieve all saved games for the.

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